I Want to Work at Kickstarter


by Bethanne Zink

New York, NY









Pledge 1 Phone interview or more



A spirited, whole-hearted conversation, a

fervent desire to meet me in person, and

a hand-printed, bi-fold thank you note

with a picture of a scooter on the

front (get it? kickstarter?)


Estimated delivery: Within two business days of the interview



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A spirited, whole-hearted conversation, a glimpse of my happy face and uncorrected teeth, a fervent desire to meet me in person, and a hand-written tri-fold thank you note with a picture of a motorcycle on the front


Estimated delivery: Within two business days of the interview



Pledge 1 Face-to-Face Interview



A spirited, whole-hearted conversation, a glimpse of my happy face, uncorrected teeth, and great taste in footwear, a deep sense of peace at having found the right candidate, a nagging urgency to hire me, and two dozen b'day truffles from Momofuku Milk Bar


Estimated delivery: Day of interview



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A deeply-committed, compassionate, and creative individual with a dedication to excellence and an energetic zeal for the Kickstarter mission. 


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pick me!

This prospect will think you blundered 

if you don't contact her pronto 



Why You Should Pick Me to Work at Kickstarter:


Shared Passion

I am a zealous believer in the Kickstarter mission. My passion is helping others fulfill their passions, and I earnestly desire a position that enables me to do this. I can't imagine a more fitting way to achieve this mission than by working at Kickstarter.


Extensive Relevant Experience

I possess over nine years of experience providing exceptional, personalized customer support to a large body of clientele. As a client advocate for families affected by autism, I examined information received from correspondence with clients, collected and analyzed pertinent data, and reported findings to service providers to promote maximum client satisfaction. I possess the perception and focus to skillfully fuse significant amounts of data into succinct descriptions to provide recommendations for meeting clients' needs.


While studying at the University of Virginia, I served as a Client Support Specialist for a Sales Consultant at a promotional products company, where I exhibited expertise in providing web-based support to clients, answering questions regarding products and the ordering process, and assisting with completion of online order forms. I demonstrated a marked ability to relay information about set policies in a warm and enthusiastic manner without sounding like I was reciting a script. In all of my interactions with clients, I approach individuals with a desire to understand their individual situations, define their unique needs, and provide a superior level of support that assures their needs are met and expectations are exceeded. I provide informative written correspondence with courtesy and clarity, and I am confident in my ability to communicate using the written word as my primary medium.


Ideal Fit

I am fulfilled by meaningful work, and I am energized by contributing to a shared project.  I glean a strong sense of satisfaction from a well-executed task, and I pursue excellence in all of my endeavors. I am an avid supporter of Kickstarter, and I would be honored to be a member of the dream team! Pick me! You won’t be disappointed!


First created


19 backed

Risks and challenges




I suppose there is often a perceived risk and sense of unpredictability when hiring a gal from out of town. In my case, this risk is irrelevant. Creating this website (my first!) required a heaping amount of effort and sizeable dollop of self-training, and it should be indicative of my commitment and desire to work at Kickstarter. There is nothing more reliable than a talented individual with a focused passion and a demonstrated ability to execute a task to completion. But, you’re Kickstarter, so you already know that.






Wait. Don’t you live in Virginia?


Not anymore! I'm in your neighborhood now, and I plan to stick around for good. I'm eager to join your team, and I'm available to begin as soon as you need me. 



You're pretty new to Kickstarter. What's up with that?


It's true. I've only recently become a Kickstarter backer. Since then, I've immersed myself in the Kickstarter way, and I've definitely made up for lost time. I can't get enough. I explore projects everyday, read your blog like a zealot, study your stats, follow your tumblr, and back every project I can afford to (and some I can't!).  


This website is not intended to infringe upon any copyright or result in personal gain other than the profit of securing employment with the company that originally created this lovely web design. Imitation website will be removed upon receipt of job offer or at any point at which original creator of lovely web design requests its removal or when my web publishing subscription expires, which is pretty soon.